We are opening back up on Monday, May 11th for daycare and grooming only. Our hours will be Monday-Friday 6:30am -7:00pm.

Daycare check-in: 6:30am-10:00am. Only one customer in the lobby at a time. Face covering is mandatory. Payment can be made in the morning via credit card, cash or check in the lobby. (Note: we recommend buying a 10 day pass to limit handling payments everyday). Please bring your dog to the staff member in the lobby. The staff member will use a slip leash to take your dog and bring them into the pen. Please take your leash with you when you leave.

        - Please NO personal items (dog food, treats, bag, etc.) at this time. This is to limit handling of personal items throughout the day.

        - There won't be a check-in sheet at this time. No report cards at this time. If there is an issue with your dog during daycare, we will let you know.  

Half Days: 10:00am-3:00pm only. Drop off at 10:00, pick up at 3:00. No exceptions.

Daycare check-out: 3:00pm-7:00pm. Call us when you are in the parking lot if you owe for the day or if you owe for any additional service. Payment MUST be taken over the phone before you come in to get your dog. Only one customer in the lobby at a time. Face covering is mandatory. We will get your dog with our slip leash and bring them to you. Please put your own leash on your dog and leave the lobby.


Drop Off: Call us when you are in the parking lot. Nancy will meet you in the parking lot with a slip leash. Please take your leash with you once dog is securely with Nancy. Nancy will call when the grooming is complete.

Pick Up: Call us when in the parking lot. Payment MUST be taken over the phone. Once payment is made, Nancy will bring your dog out to you on a slip leash.

Things To Remember:

- All daycare scheduling should be done by email or facebook message. If you want to add an additional service (walk, mini-training, nail trim or fresh n fun bath), please request via email. We will confirm.

- Please email or bring in updated vaccine records.

- If there is a line outside on the walkway, please make sure you stay at least 6 feet from another customer. Or wait in your car for a good time to come in.

***Please remember that these new procedures are to keep everyone as safe as possible during the pandemic. They are subject to change (and hopefully will soon!). Please be patient and kind***

The GINGR computer system is not ready to go live quite yet. I will update you all once I have the link to set up your customer portal.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Meghan (Owner)

Chloe (Manager)

Joanna (Manager)

Blue Dog Daycare: 207-406-2712

Files coming soon.